Achadinha Cheese Company - Cultured Butter, Kefir Yogurt, Feta Cheese, Cheese Curds

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If you have visited any of the bigger farmers’ markers across LA then you must have passed by Achadinha Cheese Company stand. They are are located in Petaluma and have cows and goats which means their cheeses are blended with both cow and goat milk. The farm does not use pesticides or hormones and they follow goat’s natural (meaning they only have straight goat milk cheese once a year and not all year round). 

I have sourced four products 

Kefir Yogurt - goat/cow milk, cultures. 8oz 

Cultured Butter - goat/cow milk, culture, kefir, and salt. 4oz

Feta - pasteurized cultured goat/cow milk, salt, enzymes. 8oz

Herbie Curd - a blend of pastured cultured goat and cow milk, salt, enzymes, and seasonings. 7oz