Pickled Okra and Brussels Sprouts by Coldwater Canyon

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brussels sprouts

Coldwater Canyon Provisions and I work out of the same commercial kitchen, Crafted Kitchen (the best in LA!), and I instantly knew that I had to source these for you. 

Rondo uses heirloom recipes to make all his products. 

Okra is spicy and Brussels sprouts have a little bit of a bite. I personally like to use his product in a salad, sandwich, pizza topping and more but Rondo also recommended to use these pickles to make Bloody Mary's. What a fantastic idea :)

Each jar is 16oz 

Pickled Okra ingredients:

okra, white vinegar, able cider vinegar, Serrano pepper, salt, garlic, hot red pepper flakes, dill seed, cumin seed. 

Pickled Brussels sprouts ingredients:

Brussels sprouts, white vinegar, water, cane sugar, dill, salt, lemon, garlic, bay leaf, mustard seed, dill seed, cayenne pepper, spices.