Graza Olive Oils - Sizzle and Drizzle - Cooking Oil & Finishing Oil


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I got to know Graza olive oils last year and quickly ordered a few bottles for me to try. I was impressed with quality, taste but also the packaging. 

Both of these oils are made of Picual olives harvested in October, December and January in Jaen, Spain. Depending on time of the harvest during picking season olives differ in taste and that is what makes these oils taste slightly different too. 

Sizzle is for cooking.

Drizzle is a finishing olive oil that can be added to raw food or topped off on pasta, hummus, cheese and more. 

Sizzle is 750ml

Drizzle is 500ml 

Both olive oils come in a beautiful green bottle that is squeezable for optimal and comfortable use at the kitchen. 

Photos provided by GRAZA.