Our Story


“The farmers’ market community is a family. We are so honored to bring you into the family.”  -Jamila, founder

Avocado Toast and Grocery seeks out the surprising, unique, of-the-moment treasures you find at your favorite farmers' market, because Jamila works directly with the most dedicated producers. Peak ripeness, handmade, heirloom,
generations-old, category-defining foods that transform simple eating into a religious act.

Avocado Toast and Grocery started as a stand serving up locally sourced avocado toast (naturally) at South Carolina farmers' markets.
"It was crazy to me that the market had this amazing local produce and then the prepared food was made with ingredients that were not aligned."
After a successful year, Avocado Toast expanded to Los Angeles.

Hollywood Farmers' Market, and others, created a home for Jamila. When the pandemic hit, the markets closed. This sudden closure was a threat to the lives and livelihoods of many. “I was so moved by the instant help I received and was able to give because of the strong relationships between vendors, colleagues, and customers” said Jamila. 



I have been a farmers' market regular since I was a child in the Caucasus. Farmers' markets were the only place to buy fresh produce for much of my childhood. I remember visiting the market with my parents and grandparents in Dagestan when I was young. The excitement and buzzing energy that you find at farmers' market is always present, regardless of where you are geographically.

Avocado Toast was born in 2016 at the Soda City farmers' market in Columbia, South Carolina, where I had quickly become a regular after having moved there. I created Avocado Toast as a response to the demand for a fresh, organic, quick breakfast in the area. I started my business as a hobby, something to do to join the community, but after my first year in business I quickly realized that I had a chance to expand and let the business come into its own. I left my local team in charge in South Carolina and moved to Los Angeles to expand, and Avocado Toast began in California farmers markets in 2017. The road to getting into the best farmers' markets in LA has been both challenging and rewarding but I am committed to the community here and continue to volunteer in my spare time. 

Due to COVID-19, food prepared in the moment is currently not able to be offered at farmers' markets. As a quick adaptation to keep the business alive and thriving, Avocado Toast now sells its signature toast combinations online for delivery, alongside a curated collection of products and ingredients from partner food craft artisans of longtime friends and colleagues. We continue to add new products each week, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive weekly updates, and thank you for supporting LA craft food