Moon Cakes from Miss Moon by Domi - Black Sesame, Red Bean, Red Lotus, Jujube -


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I had the chance to try these absolutely decadent moon cakes made by Domi and they blew my mind. 

Moon cakes are traditionally gifted in autumn or enjoyed little by little with tea. 

These are sold individually or in a gift box as a set of 4. 

Black Sesame (Green)
Red Bean (Lavender)
Red Lotus (Yellow)
Jujube (Pink)

ALLERGENS: gluten, peanuts, milk, soy, and eggs

Ingredients: flour, butter, sugar, milk powder, eggs, salt, white bean, red bean, red date, black sesame, soybean oil, lotus seed, peanut oil, maltitol, corn starch, potato starch.