Flatbread Dastaneh & Kelaneh by Kouzeh Bakery


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This flatbread is everything! I met Sahar, baker and woman behind Kouzeh Bakery, very recently and instantly fell in love with her flatbreads. 
Not only are they delicious but also versatile in how to enjoy them - eat them as is, or add avocado, yoghurt or meat of your choice and roll it to make a sandwich of your liking. 


Dastaneh Ingredients: wheat flour, sourdough culture, whole milk, water, sugar, grape seed oil, sea salt, onions, walnuts, turmeric, black pepper.
contains nuts!

Kelaneh ingredients: mix of Scallions, Garlic, Cilantro and Parsley, sautéed with Butter and seasoned with Salt and Black Pepper. 

2.8oz or 80gr

Most photos taken from Kouzeh Bakery website.