Lilly’s Eggs - Brown, Heirloom & Green Eggs from Fillmore, CA


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If you have visited any of the popular farmers’ markets in Los Angeles then you have definitely come across Lilly’s Eggs stand. 

Lilly’s Eggs is located in Fillmore, CA. It is an 8 acre farm focused on raising quality chicken. The chicken are freely grazing on grass, shrubs, bugs and are also fed vegetables such as sprouts, chard, cabbage, carrot tops, spinach, red pepper, dried oregano which helps digestion.

There is no corn, soy or growth hormones in their feed! Lilly’s Eggs have been proudly in business for 30 years now.

The two options available are brown eggs and heirloom eggs. 

Occasionally we also carry green eggs in stock. These are a different variety, they are richer in flavor and more creamy.