OMISO instant miso soup paste 10oz


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I love this miso soup so much! We have a 5 pack sold on our store but this is a compact 10oz version where you may use it in your every day cooking or make your own, 8oz cup miso soup.
In order to make simple miso soup - boil water, take 1 table spoon (or a little less) of miso paste and add it to hot water, stir well until paste is completely mixed in.

Here is a suggestion directly from OMISO - Boil any vegetables you wish to have in your miso soup, lower the heat and add this soup paste. (approx. 12 servings when you use 1.5 tbsp for 7-8oz water)

This miso soup paste has Wakame seaweed, soybean curd, and vegetable stock mixed in with three different types of miso paste.