Probiotic Pickles from Mort and Betty’s


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A mix of our house made, naturally fermented probiotic pickles. Packed with classic Kosher dill brine.
Tip from chef Megan: freeze the leftover brine into ice cubes to make your own Pickle Seltzers like we have at Smorgasburg LA! 
This week's mix:
classic Kosher dills
pink pickled radish
watermelon rind
real baby carrots
red Anaheim rings
Pickles (*Cucumber, *Real Baby Carrots, Watermelon Rind, Radish, *Anaheim Red Chile), Brine (Filtered Water, Kosher Sea Salt, Garlic, *Dill Seed, *Dill, *Black Pepper, *Turmeric, *Bay Leaves, Horseradish). *Organic